Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April Flower Show: Novice Designers Win Big

"The Tulip Festival"
designed by Mary Audia, one of North
Toronto's most experienced designers.
Judges' Choice

The North Toronto Horticultural Society has a long tradition of excellence in horticulture and floral design. Whether it is at our monthly meetings or at shows like Canada Blooms and Successful Gardening our members always do well with their beautiful and inspiring creations.

The April Flower Show, the first of the year, was especially exciting because several novice designers did very well.   Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for keeping the tradition of excellence alive at North Toronto Hort.

Congratulations to North Toronto's Novice Design Winners

Hasmik Samuelian with her design for
a "Spring Bride." Her hand-tied
 bouquet featuring creamy-white
lilies wrapped in white ribbon won
Best in Show.

The smile says it all.  Cheryl French
 is thrilled with second place for
her hand-tied bridal
bouquet featuring roses.
Ruth Gladstone's "April Showers" design exemplifies
the exuberance of spring.  Ruth's creation was
recognized as the Best Design in the Novice Class. 

North Toronto design powerhouse Pat Ware will be teaching a design workshop ahead of the June Flower Show.  It will be a great opportunity for new or would-be designers to get some hands-on experience.  It's also a great chance for experienced designers to find new inspiration.  Check back for details.  They will be posted on the blog shortly.

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