Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April Meeting: Bugs Need Love

Malcolm Geast loves bugs
Assassin Bugs! Jumping Spiders watching you with their eight eyes! Termite nests the size of a city block!  A praying mantis big enough to eat a bird (only in the tropics. What a relief!) Those were just some of the fascinating pictures and stories Malcom Geast shared with North Toronto members at the April meeting.

Malcolm, Assistant Director and Official Historian of the Ontario Horticultural Association, is fascinated with the creepy crawly creatures that live in his garden.  He loves them so much he's willing to suffer a bite just for the chance to get a picture of a mosquito.  He's almost willing to grow lilies just to attract the dreaded but beautiful lily beetle.  Lucky for him that his neighbours grow lilies.

Thanks Malcolm for showing us the good, the bad, the ugly and sometimes beautiful side of the bug world.

Imagine coming across the Goliath Beetle while out
gardening.  Eeek!  Among the world's largest beetles, this
Goliath came from Central Cameroon before finding its
way into Malcolm's collection.    

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