Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Focus on Parallel Design

Learn from one of North Toronto's
best designers:  Pat Ware.
This is Pat's award-winning design
North Toronto is very lucky to count many accomplished floral designers among its members.  Pat Ware is one of those designers and will be teaching a workshop that focuses on parallel design.  Here are the details:

Parallel Design Workshop
Tuesday May 31st at 7pm
The Milne House Room at the TBG
777 Lawrence Ave E. at Leslie
$10 Workshop Fee

Participants will need to bring the following supplies:

* A simple, low, narrow, container

* Sufficient floral foam for the container

* Foliage or moss to cover the floral foam

* Flowers and foliage with clean, linear appearance of different lengths

* Sufficient floral material to form at least three groupings

* Floral tape

North Toronto member Shirley Binns
demonstrates a parallel design.
The workshop comes just a few weeks before the June 14th Flower Show.  It's perfect timing for experienced and novice designers wishing to enter the Parallel Design category called "A Walk in the Woods."

Don't miss out on your chance to find some inspiration and maybe even win a prize ribbon. 

Everyone is welcome at the workshop. If you haven't signed up yet send us an email:

We can't wait to see all your wonderful creations at the June Meeting.

Happy Gardening.

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