Friday, 13 May 2011

Plant & Garage Sale Success: May Meeting

Checking out the selections at the
2011 NTHS Plant and Garage Sale
The Annual North Toronto Hort Plant and Garage Sale was a huge success.  There was a steady stream of members who came to the May meeting early to drop off divisions and cuttings of their favourite plants. And there was a mad rush once the sale got underway.  The selections were great ranging from the rare and unusual (variegated lily of the valley, variegated solomon's seal and fern-leaf peony) to the tried and true workhorses of the garden (lady's mantle, sweet woodruff and iris).

A special thank you goes out to the Plant and Garage Sale team who helped to organize, price and sell all the selections.  The plant and garage sale is North Toronto's biggest and most important fundraiser of the year.  Proceeds go to pay for things like rent, speaker fees, and printing. The participation of our members means North Toronto can continue to bring you monthly meetings, fascinating speakers, a newsletter, annual show guide and more.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

The 2011 NTHS Plant Sale Team

A treasure trove of goodies at the garage sale tables.

The June Meeting is coming up fast.  It will feature a talk on modern daylilies.  A limited number of plants will be available for sale.  More information will be available on the blog in the weeks ahead so be sure to check back soon.

Happy gardening.

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