Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Blooming Right Now

North Toronto member Bonnie Ford wanted to share these beautiful images from her garden with the club. Bonnie writes:

"I thought I would send you a couple of photos of my tree peony presently in bloom.  The flowers and buds are gigantic!  I won it in the monthly raffle at the garden club.  It was just a baby.  As you can see it is growing and thriving.  I wonder who donated it for the raffle?  I would love to see what is growing in other members' gardens too."

Don't be shy.  Please share what's growing in your garden by sending a photo and few words to our email address.  A special thanks to Bonnie for being the first guest contributor to the blog.

Happy Gardening!


  1. My pleasure, Irena. I hope other members share as well.

  2. Hey Bonnie,
    My first thought when I saw the photo was, this young lady has got to be on next year's Garden Tour!