Sunday, 25 September 2011

The NTHS Annual Show

Congratulations and thank you to all the members who brought in their garden flowers, potted plants and floral designs to make the 2011 North Toronto Horticultural Society Annual Show one of the best ever.  Altogether there were 172 entries on display.  Here are some photos in case you missed this great celebration of horticulture and floral design.  All the photographs are courtesy of Andy McCraw.

The studios at the TBG filled with Annual Show Entries

The Annual Show Team who helped make the
event a great success.

First Place: Floral Design
Mary Mordy

First Place: Garden Flowers
A Collection of 3+ Cultivars
Kitty Belshaw

Judges' Choice: Potted Plants
Grown for Foliage
Mary Audia

Judges' Choice: Floral Design
Mary Audia

Judges' Choice: Cut Specimens
Mary Audia

Best in Show: Vegetables
Beans with Calyx, Tip & Portion of Stem Attached
John Cartmell

Best in Show: Roses
Grandiflora: One Stem or Spray
Julie Forbes

Best in Show: Cut Specimens
Any Annual
Julie Forbes

Best in Show: Floral Design
Woodworking: Novice Class
Cathy Kuchynski

Best in Show: Special Exhibit
Planter With Other Than Succulents
Mary Audia

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