Monday, 28 May 2012

Discover "Through the Garden Gate"

by Margaret Bennet-Alder

Who ever would have thought that there could be a 3 1/2 acre private garden in the heart of Toronto? Well there is one and it's on table land, unlike so many large Toronto gardens on ravines. You can see this garden, wander around it, marvel at its beauty and think about the upkeep required. You can do all this on the Toronto Botanical Garden's 25th Anniversary Tour, Through the Garden Gate. 

Twenty-one resplendent gardens are yours  to visit and explore in Rosedale on Saturday, June 9 and on Sunday June 10 from 11 to 4pm. 

Six are in the south in the Cluny Drive area, an easy walk from each other, the Rosedale Subway and the Tour Headquarters at Rosedale Junior Public School. Free shuttle buses can pick you up at the subway, stop along the way and also take you north over the bridge to the 16 gardens on the Glen Road Route.

Buy your ticket early at With your wristband you can get the Garden Guide with centrefold map and full description of each garden. Guides are now available at the TBG shop and by 10am on tour days at the Tour Headquarters. They give you a heads-up of where the gardens are, so you won't be overwhelmed on the day of the tour as you try to get your bearings and decide where to go, let alone know what to look for in each garden. Or you may decide to just go with the flow.

A garden on the "Through the Garden Gate" tour

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