Thursday, 5 December 2013

2014 Programming Schedule

It will be some time yet before we get a chance to get back into our gardens and dig our fingers deep into the dirt.  We've already seen some snow and experienced the bite of chilling temperatures and it's not even winter yet.  Even so, there is much to look forward to starting in January when we kick off the  2014 North Toronto Horticultural Society programming year.

January 14       Houseplants
                             Ian McCallum from Woodhill Nursery

February 11     The Chelsea Garden Show
                              Joanne Blanchard and Daphne Wace

March 11           Native Plants
                             Paul Heydon

April 8               Garden Photography
                             Laura Mills

May 13              How to Garden in Containers: Thinking Outside the Planter Box
                             Diane and Gary Westlake

June 10              Waterwise Gardening: Drought Tolerant Plants
                              Aileen Barclay

October 14        Tips and Tricks for Cooking with Fresh Herbs
                               Yvonne Tremblay

Mark your calendars now so you don't miss any of these wonderful presentations.

Annual Awards Night, Dinner and Digital Show

The North Toronto Horticultural Society's annual awards night, dinner and digital show was another big success.  Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible with their donations of time, talent, food and prizes.

Congratulations to our 2013 Winners:

Monthly Shows:
Most Points Roses - Violet Keenan Award - Iris Hazen
Most Points Potted Plants - Jack Forster Award - Julie Forbes
Horticulture - Best in Show -April -Julie Forbes
Horticulture - Best in Show - October - Julie Forbes
Floral Design - Most Points - Dorothy Cartmell
Floral Design -Best in Show - April - Mary Audia
Floral Design - Best in Show - October - Lucie Frirdich

Annual Show
Horticulture - Most Points Cut Specimens - Diane Wells Award -- Myint Gillespie
Horticulture - Most Points Roses - Sheridan Nurseries Award - Iris Hazen
Horticulture - Most Points Potted Plants -  Sheridan Award - Julie Forbes
Horticulture - Best in Show Vegetables/Fruit - Mary Audia
Floral Design - Best in Show- Mary Mordy Award - Brandy Hermant
Floral Design - Most Points - Brandy Hermant

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Looking Ahead to the 2013 Annual Show

It's time once again for the biggest event on the North Toronto Horticultural Society's calendar. The Annual Show is an excellent opportunity for members to showcase all the beautiful plants they grow in their homes and gardens plus their flair for design. This is also the only event of the year where the public at large gets a chance to see what our club is all about. 

North Toronto Horticultural Society Annual Show
Sunday September 8th, 2013
Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Ave E. (at Leslie)
Garden Hall
Everyone Welcome!

The Annual Show always brings out the best in our designers. Members have been busy brushing up on their skills. On Monday July 15th, NTHS member and floral designer extraordinaire Mary Audia conducted a design workshop for small and mass designs in preparation for the September Annual Show. Five NTHS members attended. Here are a few photos of the top caliber work that was produced. You can expect to see this kind of excellence at the Annual Show (thanks to Mary Audia and Andy McCraw for the photos.)

design by Eleanor Cosman

design by Joan Andreychuk

design by Joan Andreychuk

design by Mary McLean

design by Mary Audia

design by Pat Ware

design by Ruth Gladstone

Wow!  That's impressive.  Now it's your turn to get involved.

What you need to know about submissions:
Entries are to be submitted between 9AM and 10:45AM.
The show room doors will be closed promptly at 10:45AM.
Late entries will not be permitted.
There is free admission for the public between 1PM-4PM.
Entries are to be removed by exhibitors by 4PM.

This year's event will be held in the Garden Hall at the Toronto Botanical Garden. More information, including all horticulture and design categories, is included your Annual Show Guide. If you have any questions about how to enter, rules or categories, contact Show Chair Ruth Gladstone.

Help make this event a success by entering the many horticulture and design categories. And be sure to invite your friends along on this wonderful day. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

OHA District 5 Logo Competition

Your creativity is needed to design a new OHA District 5 logo. District 5 has rural societies, suburban societies, and deeply urban societies. Lakes form our northern and southern limits. With that in mind, the logo should makes a statement about what our District is all about.

Entries can be submitted on paper or as a digital file. Entries on paper must be no smaller than 6 inches by 6 inches (15.25 cm by 15.25 cm) and no larger than 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches (21.5 cm by 28 cm). Digital entries must have minimum dimensions of 1800 pixels by 1800 pixels, with a file type of tiff, pdf, jpeg, png, psd (Photoshop), or ai (Illustrator). The logo can be either colour or monochrome. The design most likely to win over the hearts of judges, however, will be one that looks good both in colour and monochrome.

The contest is open to all members of District 5 Societies. Please include your name, society, and contact information on a separate page to enable blind judging. Entries must be received by November 2, 2013. District 5 Executive members will pick a winner. District 5 reserves the right to ask for minor modifications to the winning entry.

The winner will be revealed at the 2014 District 5 AGM. The winning designer will receive a gift certificate worth $100 at the nursery or garden centre of their choice.

Submit your entries to: 
Dawn McEachern
10 Dustan Crescent 
East York, Ontario M4J 4G5 
or via email at OHA District 5 Logo Submissions

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dawn at the email above. 

Here are some sample logos from other districts for you to consider and draw inspiration from.

Good luck.

An Invitation From Leaside Garden Society

The Leaside Garden Society is touring Canada's newest botanical garden and you are invited.

Whistling Gardens
photo courtesy:

The club will visit Whistling Gardens in Wilsonville, not far from Brantford on Wednesday September 25th. The tour guide will be garden founder Darren Heimbecker. 

Departure time is 9am from the Leaside Library. Return time is 4pm. Bring your own lunch; there are picnic areas and light snacks can be purchased. The cost is $50 for Leaside members and $55 for non-members.

Reservations are first-come, first-serve.

To learn more about Whistling Gardens and see a photo gallery, check out their website:

To reserve your spot, print and fill out the form at the link:

2013 Members Garden Tour and Potluck Picnic

Twenty one members and spouses attended the rescheduled Garden Tour and Pot Luck on Friday July 12th. It was such a beautiful evening it was hard to believe that just a few days earlier we were deluged with rain followed by a 40 degree Celsius humidex the next day. Thanks to garden owners Myint Gillespie, Don Cockburn, Mary McLean andcto Ruth Gladstone for hosting the pot luck dinner.   Here are some photos courtesy of Myint Gillespie and Don Beard.

Let's all cross our fingers that the rain and humidity stay away next year.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Garden Tour Rescheduled

The Annual North Toronto Members' Garden Tour and Potluck Picnic has been rescheduled to Friday July 12th.

After a week that brought severe weather, Friday promises to be a beautiful day.

The schedule remains the same.  Details were included in the July/August newsletter and subsequently sent out via email so check your inbox for details.

Hope to see you all on the tour.

Monday, 8 July 2013

URGENT! NTHS Members' Garden Tour and Potluck Picnic Party Postponed!

The forecast brings two days of heavy rains and thunderstorms.

As a result, the decision has been made to postpone the Annual NTHS Members' Garden Tour and Picnic Party on Tuesday July 9th.

A new date will be announced as soon as possible.

The North Toronto Horticultural Society regrets any inconvenience this may have caused.

Happy gardening (if you can manage to get outside in all this rain.)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

June Meeting: A Passion for Peonies

Are you looking for a sun-loving, long-lived, hardy and low maintenance perennial that will deliver years of prolific blooms? Look no further than the queen of the spring garden:  the peony.  With countless selections that come in a wide variety of colours, you can plan a garden that will feature a parade of peonies for weeks on end.  

Peony "Emile Debatene"

Join us at our June Meeting where speaker Judi Denny will present "A Passion for Peonies." June is also time for one of our biggest flower shows of the year.  We can't wait to see your blooms.  See you at the meeting.  Until then, happy gardening.

North Toronto Horticultural Society
June Meeting 
Tuesday June 11, 2013
Topic: A Passion for Peonies
Speaker: Judi Denny
Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Ave East (at Leslie St.)
Munchies at 7:30pm
Speaker at 8pm
Flower Show following the presentation.

Everyone Welcome.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

May Meeting: "From Garden to Vase" & The Annual NTHS Plant and Garage Sale

Our May meeting promises to be one of our busiest meetings ever and one that requires member participation more than ever.

Add some exciting new colours to your garden
at the May Meeting

First up, a May meeting bonus. NTHS Program Director Shari-Lyn Safir will hold a brief information session on planting with the moon. What is it and how can it work for you? Is it simply folklore or is there really something to it? Shari-Lyn fills us in. Perhaps you'll be inspired to try planting by the moon.

Next is guest speaker Nicole North. Nicole is an award-winning floral and garden designer. She has almost 20 years of experience in both industries and loves being able to share her knowledge with other people.  She speaks to many garden societies, makes guest tv appearances and teaches at the Toronto Botanical Garden.

At the May meeting, Nicole will show us how to bring the beauty of the garden indoors. Learn how to use your own vases and flowers cut right from your garden to create simple yet stunning flower arrangements. Bring your own vase and a sample of your garden flowers and learn the tricks and tips of the trade.

And finally, we will be holding one of our club's most anticipated events: the Annual Plant and Garage Sale. Members are invited to drop off divisions of perennials and houseplants and garage sale treasures starting at 6pm. Members of the plant and garage sale teams will help you with the placement and pricing. The garage sale starts right away. The plant sale begins after our presentations for the evening.  Act fast! The best selections are always snapped up quickly.  

A note about garage sale donations: we are happy to accept all items in reasonable condition. If an item you donate does not sell, please take it home with you.  North Toronto does not have the space to store items or the resources to redirect items to other organizations that accept donations.

May Meeting 
Tuesday May 14, 2013
Topic: From Garden to Vase
Speaker:  Nicole North
Event:  Annual NTHS Plant and Garage Sale
Join us at the Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Ave East. (at Leslie St.)
Plant and Garage Sale Drop-Off begins at 6pm
Munchies 7:30pm
Speaker 8:00pm

Everyone Welcome.  Please invite a friend or friends to enjoy the evening.

It's going to be a busy night.  Until then, happy gardening.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Edible Flowers and Herbs in the Garden: April Meeting

North Toronto members knew they were in for a treat when guest speaker Glenn Brunnetti, an herb and food educator, showed up to the April meeting with a food processor in tow.  Glenn filled us in on a long list of herbs, their ideal growing conditions and the versatility of these amazing plants.  Then, he served up some munchies.

Food and Herb Educator Glenn Brunnetti

Many herbs have an interesting history and uses that you might not be aware of. Did you know Bergamot (also known as Monarda) was named after Dr. Nicolas Monardes, a 16th century Spanish botanist? In his writings about North American flora, he called the plant Bergamot because the leaf flavour reminded everyone of the Bergamot orange. This is the same orange used to flavour Earl Grey tea.  If Monarda is growing in your garden, a cup 'o Earl Grey (after a fashion) is right at your fingertips.

Did you know there is a heat scale for chili heat? Glenn suggests, as a rule, the smaller the chill, the hotter the heat.  On the upper end of the hotness scale, the heat of just one small chili can be tasted in about 300 gallons of tomato sauce.  That's hot stuff!

What's in a name? Well, in the case of coriander, the origin may be enough to make you squirm. Coriander refers to the smell of the plant. It comes from the Greek "koris" which means "bedbug."

Coriander Pesto

Glenn wasn't about to let the name turn us off.  He worked his magic with two cups of coriander (leaves and stems), a cup of parsley, a clove of garlic, a half cup parmigiana cheese, a quarter cup toasted almonds and a half cup extra virgin olive oil.  Throwing them into his food processor, Glenn blended all the ingredients into a thick coriander pesto. Some of the self-confessed coriander detesters in the club had to admit it wasn't half bad!  The beauty of such a simple recipe is that you can adjust the ingredients to your own taste.

North Toronto extends a big thank you to Glenn Brunetti who inspired us to go ahead and sprinkle some lavender flowers on that pound cake, throw some sunflower petals on that salad to add a nutty punch, and explore the many flavours, colours and textures that edible flowers and herbs can add to our gardens and our culinary efforts.

April also kicked off the flower and design show schedule.  Here are some of the dazzling entries:

A Sculptural Design
Mary Audia
Best in Show: Design

A Sculptural Design
Dorothy Cartmell
Judge's Choice

Horticulture: Special Exhibits
Julie Forbes
Best in Show: Horticulture

May is always an exciting time for North Toronto Hort.  Members are invited to bring in vases and flowers from their own garden for design tips by guest speaker Nicole North who will take us from Garden to Vase.

May is also when we hold our annual plant and garage sale.  Please consider dividing some of your plants for the sale and finding some treasures to add to the garage sale.  More details will be posted on the blog soon.

Until next time, happy gardening.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

April Meeting: Edible Flowers and Herbs in the Garden

Gardens are a feast for the eyes.  But why not a feast for the taste buds too?  Glen Brunetti will be at the April meeting to tell us all about Edible Flowers and Herbs in the Garden.  

Chives have delightful blooms in spring.
They can be harvested all summer long for use
in salads and other dishes.

April is also the first Flower Show of the year.  Snowdrops have already started to appear and that means the crocus and iris won't be far behind.  Get ready to show us your best spring flowering bulbs.  The April Show is also known for the exceptional houseplants on display.  Drop by and breathe in deeply around the pelargoniums grown for scent.  The fragrance is unforgettable.  All Flower Show details are in your 2013 Show Guide.

April Meeting
Topic: Edible Flowers and Herbs in the Garden
Speaker: Glen Brunetti
Tuesday April 9, 2013
Munchies 7:30pm
Meeting begins at 8pm
Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Ave. East at Leslie
Admission is free.  A $2 donation is suggested for refreshments.

Everyone is welcome as a guest.  We hope you enjoy the presentation and consider
joining the North Toronto Horticultural Society as a member.

Until next time, happy gardening.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Goodbye Winter: March Meeting

It is quite fitting that during our final meeting before spring kicks into high gear a spectacular image of  winter took the spotlight.

Photo by: Mary Audia

The Annual North Toronto Photo Show Night is always a popular event that showcases the many talents and interests of our members.  This year was no exception and, in fact, it produced a "first." Mary Audia's photo of a magical winter morning is the first picture at a North Toronto Photo Show to win first place in its section while winning both "Best in Show" and "Judge's Choice." Congratulations Mary and thank you to everyone who submitted entries.  It was a feast for the eyes.

A special thank you goes out to our guest speaker Trish Symons who yet again wowed us with her presentation.   In her talk "Mae Wests of the Garden," Trish gave us all some great advice on selecting plants that have presence, charisma and confidence, just like the American movie star and sex symbol.  Be sure to check out Trish's website for fabulous photos and garden advice.

With spring just days away and the first snow drops and crocus starting to appear, this is an exciting time of year.  As you turn your attention to your garden, remember that the first flower show of the year is coming up in April. Get those blooms ready. Glenn Brunetti will be joining us to speak about Edible Flowers and Herbs in the Garden. More details will be posted on the blog soon.

Until next time, happy gardening.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March Meeting: Mae Wests of the Garden

"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful"

"All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else."

"It is better to be looked over than overlooked."

"Love they neighbour, and if he happens to be tall, debonair 
and devastating, it will be that much easier."
Mae West

Mae West really had a way with words.  But how might the words of the American movie icon, playwright and sex symbol apply to your garden? Trish Symons fills us in with "Mae Wests of the Garden." This talk will focus on creating high impact areas in your garden. Some of Mae West's well-known quotes will be interspersed throughout the presentation.  Trish has wowed North Toronto before with "Gardens that Glow," an inspiring talk on the plants and accessories that will transform your garden a magical place.  Be ready to take some notes; Trish will send you home with a lot of great ideas.

Tuesday March 12, 2013
Mae Wests of the Garden
Speaker Trish Symons
Photo Show Night:  Show us your best Snaps!
Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Avenue East (at Leslie)
7:30pm Munchies.  8pm Presentation.
Everyone Welcome!

A special thank you to NTHS Member Myint Gillespie whose February presentation "Chasing Spring" left members laughing and jotting down notes for garden travel excursions during our cold Canadian winters. Members knew early on they were in for a treat when a caricature of Myint and some talking garden flowers (at left) kicked off the presentation.  In case you missed it, here's where Myint gets her flower fix as she waits for spring.

December: California (Rose Bowl Parade)
January and February: Hawaii and the Caribbean
March: Toronto (Canada Blooms and Allan Gardens)
April: Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York (get your fill of cherry blossoms!)
April: The Netherlands (Keukenhof pictured at right)
April: Burma (maybe you'll be lucky to see Burma's national flower Pterocarpus Macrocarpus in bloom. It flowers only once a year.)
May: Pennsylvania (Longwood Garden)
May: Central Canada (Edwards Gardens, Toronto Botanical Garden, Toronto Island, Royal Botanical Garden, Casa Loma)
May: Western Canada (Butchart Gardens)
May: Easter Canada (Les Quatre Vents, Reford Gardens)

Start planning those travels!

Congratulations to NTHS member Julie Forbes. She participated at the Successful Gardening Show on February 21-24. Out of 60 entries all but eight placed with four best in shows, numerous firsts, seconds and thirds. Where does she put all her ribbons? Please join North Toronto in congratulating Julie on her success. Here are some photos of her winning entries courtesy member Andy McCraw.

That's a lot of prize ribbons!  Way to go Julie.

Finally, some events members might "dig"
(for information purposes only, please do your own research to confirm dates and prices before checking out one of these events)

The OHA District 5 AGM is fast approaching. It will be held on Saturday April 27th between 9am and 3pm at the Latvian Cultural Club at 4 Credit Union Drive in Toronto. This year it is hosted by the Scarborough Garden and Horticultural Society. The March meeting is your last chance to sign up. Cost is $30/person. Space is limited so please hurry. Click on the links below for more information on this great day for gardeners.

Includes tours to the Chelsea and Tuileries Garden Shows

So much to look forward to.  See you at the March meeting.  Until then, happy gardening.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

February Meeting: Chasing Spring

Pasque flowers are a sure sign of spring

Had enough of winter yet? If you answered yes, here's some good news for you. Wiarton Willie has predicted an early spring. Hooray for our famous groundhog! North Toronto Hort isn't wasting any time getting into the springtime spirit.  At our February meeting NTHS Member Myint Gillespie will be sharing her presentation "Chasing Spring."
Myint retired a few years ago and now spends most of her time in her garden and engaged in gardening activities. She started digging in the dirt in Canada and learned by trial and error.  As her interest grew, she joined garden clubs in a quest to always learn more. Myint's garden is always open to garden clubs and gardeners.

In her presentation "Chasing Spring," Myint will take you to the places she goes to find colorful flowers during the cold and flowerless winter months. It makes the wait for Spring and all its colours a little easier. 

February Meeting
Tuesday February 12, 2012
Speaker:  Myint Gillespie
Topic: Chasing Spring
Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Ave. East at Leslie
Everyone Welcome!

February is also an exciting time for the club as we participate in the annual Get the Jump on Spring 2013 at the Toronto Botanical Garden on Saturday February 23rd. The TBG's annual horticultural open house is a day filled with interesting demonstrations, expert garden advice, a marketplace and even a winter garden tour.  

NTHS will be well represented. Member Andy McCraw will give a talk called "How to Really Look at Your Garden and the Rest of the World." Check out this presentation for some photography advice ahead of our NTHS Photo Show Night in March. Floral designer extraordinaire and NTHS Member Mary Audia will do a demonstration called "Ikebana: Reflections on Nature." Drop by for some design inspiration. And, of course, North Toronto will have a table set up so swing on by, say hello, and encourage your friends to do the same.  We'd love to sign up some new members and share our exciting programming year with them.  Click on the link above for a full schedule of events.

And if all that hasn't got you in the mood for spring consider this:  the Scarborough Garden and Horticulture Society will be hosting the 2013 District 5 AGM: Growing With the Garden on April 27th.  The day will include two excellent guest speakers, a flower show, the opportunity to meet other gardeners and a delicious lunch. Click on the links below for more information.  

2013 OHA District 5 AGM Information Package

2013 OHA District 5 AGM Flower Show Schedule

The cost is $30/person. Any NTHS member wishing to attend should please bring payment by either cash or cheque (payable to the North Toronto Horticultural Society) to the February meeting. 

See you all in February.  Until then, happy gardening.

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Awesome Gardens of South Africa: January Meeting

And we're off!  The first North Toronto Horticultural Society meeting of the year and our Annual General meeting were a big success. It was a chance to meet dear friends, chat with new members of the executive, listen to a fascinating talk, and renew memberships. The munchies, as always, were delicious!

Signing up for another year with
Membership Co-Directors Geoffrey & Patricia Cook 

Incoming NTHS President Don Beard

Our guest speaker Gloria Broks gave a very interesting talk on The Awesome Gardens of South Africa.  Last year, she had the opportunity to attend Rosafrica 2012 , the 16th World Rose Convention, in Sandton City near Johannesburg.  While the roses and gardens Gloria saw were indeed awesome, her observations on life in the suburb were surprising to some.  

South Africa has so much beauty to offer to visitors but, according to Gloria, a preoccupation with safety and security is a major drawback.  Her garden tour group was not allowed to travel anywhere alone.  They were to remain on their tour bus at all times.  Any pictures of Sandton City were snapped through bus windows.   The gardens themselves were lush and overflowing with blooms but climbing vines and large shrubs disguised a different reality.  

Gloria described gardens enclosed within fortresses: tall walls topped with electrical fencing and barbed wire. There are no quaint garden gates to welcome you. Instead, heavy steel doors slide open to admit visitors as security cameras keep watch the entire time.  It seems, says Gloria, the post-apartheid era has bred a climate of fear and paranoia among the country's white population.

On a hopeful note, Gloria says there are signs that things are changing.  At the conclusion of the convention, awards were handed out for top roses. A young white woman in her thirties won a prize.  Rather than accept the award, she instead announced that she was not the one who cared for and nurtured the gardens that produced the award-winning blooms.  Then she invited her gardener, a young black man, to accept the accolades.  Perhaps this one small moment is the beginning of change.

Incoming Program Director Shari-Lyn Safir
and guest speaker Gloria Broks
The 17th World Convention of Rose Societies is just a few years away.  Click on the link to plan your getaway to France in 2015.

11 Months and Counting Until Christmas!
Okay, okay.  We're not really counting down to Christmas.  But we do want to look back at Christmas 2012.  A wreath designed by NTHS members Mary Audia and Dorothy Cartmell was auctioned off in support of the Toronto Botanical Garden.  It was snapped up by a lucky supporter for $70.  Congratulations to Mary and Dorothy on their beautiful design!  We are very proud to have you represent the North Toronto Horticultural Society.

This wreath designed by NTHS members Mary Audia
and Dorothy Cartmell raised $70 in support of the
Toronto Botanical Garden

Events Members Might "Dig" 
The North Toronto Horticultural Society posts these not as an endorsement but for informational purposes only.  Please confirm details for yourselves before attending. Click on links for more info.

February 27th, 8pm-10pm
David Tomlinson, owner of Merlin's Hollow, gives his last public presentation. 

Includes tours to the Chelsea and Tuileries Garden Shows

And, of course, don't forget about our February meeting.  NTHS Member Myint Gillespie will get us all in the mood for some gardening with her presentation "Chasing Spring." Check back soon for details to be posted in the blog. 

Until next time, happy gardening. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

North Toronto Horticultural Society 2013 Program

Welcome to another exciting year of programming at the North Toronto Horticultural Society.

Garden Inspiration in January and Beyond

The year kicks off on Tuesday January 8th with our Annual General Meeting.  It's a chance to look back at the year that was and to look ahead to the upcoming year. Members of the North Toronto Executive Committee will be on hand. Be sure to share your ideas for the club and find out more about how to get involved.  Then settle in for the first exciting guest speaker of the year. Gloria Broks will introduce us to the Awesome Gardens of South Africa. It all starts at 7:30pm at the Toronto Botanical Garden at 777 Lawrence Avenue East.

2013 includes a long list of interesting, informative and inspiring guest speakers as well as all our favourite club events including flower shows, the annual plant and garage sale, members' garden tour and potluck party and year-end dinner and awards and digital show.

If you are already a member, please be sure to tell your friends about the fun we have.  Invite them to a meeting as a guest. If you are not a member but curious to find out more about our club, please feel free to join us at any of our meetings.  We hope you'll decide to return time and time again.

North Toronto Horticultural Society
2013 Program

January 8
Annual General Meeting
Awesome Gardens of South Africa:
Gloria Broks

February 12
Chasing Spring: Myint Gillespie

March 12*
Mae Wests of the Garden: Trish Symons
*Photo Competition Night

April 9*
Edible Flowers and Herbs in the Garden:
Glen Brunetti
*First Flower and Design Show of the Year

May 14*
From Garden to Vase: Nicole North
*Plant and Garage Sale

June 11*
A Passion for Peonies: Judy Denny
*Flower and Design Show

July 9
Members’ Garden Tour: Locations TBA

Sunday September 8
Annual Flower Show

October 8*
Plant a Spectacular Spring Garden Now: Dugald Cameron
*Flower and Design Show

November 12
Awards Night Gala and Annual Digital Show

See you all in 2013.  Happy Gardening!